Isn’t it a goal of every business to generate profits by providing a service that meets the needs of your customers? For this it is necessary at all times to use all resources of a company sparingly and carefully. To ensure this, every company has to regularly check and optimize processes. Often it’s the little things that bring big impact. From investigations of different companies with regard to process optimization S-Contacts developed.

Case description # 1:

Producing company with 230 employees, 130 of them in production. Mobile devices about 100 mostly outside of production.

Employee turnover approx. 10% / year due to fluctuating occupancy rate, retirement or further education 20 persons / year.

Personnel changes were informed by e-mail and by posting.

Costs: 100 people update 20 contacts / year in their phonebook = 2,000 actions.

Average duration: 1 minute Total cost / year: 2,000 minutes

Average cost / hour: 60 €

Total cost: 2,000 € / year

Cost S-contacts for 100 devices / year: 600 €

Savings: 1,400 € / year

Note: Information comes from the company. Costs for finding new colleges, possibly costs due to waiting time or necessary demand or help from colleagues are not taken into account. The latter was examined more closely by another S-Contacts customer. Stay tuned

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