What do i get with the business plan?


  • Synchronize your Global Address Book offline to your Smartphone
  • Caller Identification for all incoming Calls
  • Unlimited Actions (Calls, SMS, E-Mails, Navigation) out of S-Contacts App per Day
  • Synchronize your Personal Book offline to your Smartphone
  • Option to Export Contacts to Local Contact Database (For Usage in other Apps like WhatsApp)
  • Managed App Config OR Mobile Application Management at
  • Get a personal phone and e-mail support contact

Why are we offering the business plan?


The Business plan

  • Could be used to increase efficiency within your Company for internal Calls
  • Could be used to reduce the workload on telephone switchboards in your Company
  • Could be used to save time and money – Report of one of our Customers in our Blog: Inefficient Contact Managment
  • Could be used to stay GDPR-Compliant, with keeping Contacts (Personal and GAL) within a Sandbox, but have all needed Actions available at a single touch

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Minimum number of Licenses: 20